Rebuilding Coopers Green Hall

Click on the link below to read an update on Coopers Green Hall replacement:

Coopers Green Hall replacement Update Oct 2017


HBCoA’s Financial commitment

Halfmoon Bay Community Association has made a commitment to help raise $300,000.00 towards the cost of a new Community Hall in the beautiful setting of Coopers Green Park.

The new build will replace the existing Hall and be available to the entire community.

Funds Raised to Date:

Supporting Donations GOAL As of Feb 14th 2018
Halfmoon Bay Community Association $147,399.00
Interest earned $5,477.00
Gala/Events $29,256.00
Private Donation $18,000.00
Business Donations:  3,000.00
Development Grants:
$300,000.00 $203,132.00