About Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay is a tranquil community located just northwest of Sechelt on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. People have been coming to Halfmoon Bay for over a century to escape city life and enjoy the great outdoors.

The original Redrooffs resort which attracted many early visitors is long gone, but the kayaking, boating, and hiking opportunities remain — as does the Redrooffs name which now identifies the road that meanders along the picturesque Halfmoon Bay coastline below the main highway.

Halfmoon Bay includes two major parks which are worth visiting: Sargeant Bay Provincial Park and Smuggler Cove Marine Provincial Park.

The first Europeans sailed past Halfmoon Bay in 1791 and 1792 (see About the Sunshine Coast by Gary Little) but permanent settlement did not begin until the 1880s. Today the population is approximately 2,500 people.